Salvation: According to the bible

The bible is a series of collections of sacred texts, scriptures, and stories that hold tremendous religious values. They are considered divine inspiration and also record the relationship between god and humans, by Christians, Jews, Samaritans, and Rastafarians. The bible has a massive influence on a plethora of people all around the world, its literature influences them, historical recording or stories of events that took place thousands of years ago, it has also done more to shape the world history than any other work of literature and is unparalleled, and also shows no signs of abating. With an estimated sale total of 5 billion copies, it is widely known to be the most influential and bestselling book on the planet. It can even be found in airplanes, hotels all across America.


Now coming to the topic of salvation, death is caused by sin according to the bible, so, therefore, people who don’t sin have the hope of living forever. Eternal life, in heaven. In other words, you attain “moksha.” To gain salvation, you should exercise faith in the lord and savior Jesus and demonstrate that faith by obeying the commandments and orders. The Bible shows that you should demonstrate the act of obedience, have the works, and prove that your faith is alive. However this does not at all mean that you earn salvation, it is actually a gift from God based on “grace” or “undeserved kindness.” The bible also states that a person can certainly lose out on salvation, just as a person could be saved from drowning could easily be thrown back into the water, a person who was saved from sin but who fails to keep on continuing to exercise the faith could potentially lose out on the prospect of living forever. The Bible identifies the fact that “God” is the primary source of salvation, often referring to him as our savior. It also states that not everyone can be saved and not everyone can gain salvation.


Being saved by God is not the same as being rescued at all. It’s not an aid that is given to the poor by the rich, gods salvation is prepared for the sake of saving humankind and is also overflowing with god’s love and mercy for the humans. It also states that you should put god’s words into everything that you do and practice them, you need to conduct yourself and do everything in accordance with his commandments and requirements. It states that this can be a way of gaining salvation.

There are have many ways to gain salvation but following god’s word and being a pure and honest individual seems to be the way to earn eternal salvation.